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Posted on 19 August 2014


Scribbleton is your own personal wiki, where you can store everything from quick notes, to detailed checklists for work, to the outline for that next bestseller novel.

For Linux, OS X and Windows.

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A Nifty Internet Video!

Posted 13 hours ago


World Photo Day 2014 

In honor of World Photo Day 2014, ARCHATLAS has put together two photosets of some of our favorite tumblr photographers. We recommend following them ALL. 

From the top:

Check out the other photoset here!

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Posted 19 August 2014

Uhm which one is low sodium again? Because both labels have 920mg per serving. 


Uhm which one is low sodium again? Because both labels have 920mg per serving.



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What is Uber's cancellation policy?

Posted on 18 August 2014

Just a reminder kids. :) 



Posted on 17 August 2014

I’m really interested in this idea! Meeting notes being taken require someone to not participate, other than to play stenographer. Then that person has to email the notes to everyone, at best, bolding the names to call out what each person committed to, what required external resources, etc. 

Opp.io promises to send the bits to just the people that need to handle them. Less clutter in your inbox and more doing. I like doing. GTDing. :D 


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Posted on 15 August 2014


A powerful yet simple iPhone podcast player.

The ‘powerful’ stuff includes Smart Speed, which shortens silences rather than increasing playback speed, and Voice Boost, which normalises volume levels.

App Store

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Posted 15 August 2014

Yum yum. 

Smells and tastes like peanut buttery, burnt wood (can’t decide on oak or not), slight spice (black pepper? Anise?). Very delicious.

Yum yum.

Smells and tastes like peanut buttery, burnt wood (can’t decide on oak or not), slight spice (black pepper? Anise?). Very delicious.

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Posted on 15 August 2014

Amidst all the unpacking, donating, recycling, shredding, repacking, replacing and more, my tech seems to not like me. My phone was having spasms, my laptop decided the RAM needed to fail completely, have the battery start to die and the hard drive decided to slowly let go.

Thankfully Amazon and iFixit are around. I ordered the parts and tools to do the jobs, did them and was able to even go through more boxes.

Lots of little lessons learned there (don’t take tech for granted, as axing as things are they are sometimes still so delicate, backup constantly, patience, etc) but I rediscovered one I learned long ago.


Listening or playing or singing or whistling.

And it all hit me while watching an episode of “Live from Daryl’s House.” Never really watched it all the way, and I’ve known about it since it was a podcast, but this one had Butch Walker so I was intrigued.

I’ve followed and enjoyed Butch’s work since Marvelous 3. And it always revealed something different to me.

It’s amazed me, that; how music - specifically really good music, meaning well crafted, well written lyrics, heartfelt performances - can touch and teach and heal and reveal so much. It’s slow and requires many listens under different circumstances. But it does.

So my lesson with regards to music’s abilities that I relearned today was just get on with it. Challenges always arise at the seemingly worst time (like when I played trombone in concerts or my first gig in public or my laptop trying to die) but it’s not bad. Don’t let the challenges distract you from the main purpose(s).

So if you’re going through something that seems tough, put on music you love or something new by an artist you love and get through it. :)


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Someone Wise Once Said...

Posted on 13 August 2014

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.“ ‐ Robin Williams as John Keating in “Dead Poets Society” (via usatoday)

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