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Supertrainee on Huffduffer

Posted on 29 September 2014



The introductory playlist for Roderick on the Line.

A playlist of Roderick on the Line episodes, based on listener feedback.


Thanks to Jeremy.

Shows mentioned:

Ep. 125: “All the Great Shows!”
Ep. 119: “A Cocaine Economy”
Ep. 100: “Tertiary Lobster Fork”
Ep. 80: “I Was the Red Robin”
Ep. 78: “Driving Lesson Costume”
Ep. 69: “Campfire Spaghetti Party”
Ep. 61: “Neighborhood Stick Fight”
Ep. 60: “Writ in His Boots”
Ep. 55: “A Welsh Troll”
Ep. 52: “The Choad Building”
Ep. 51: “In Pursuit of an Errant Leaf”
Ep. 50: “Check Your Six”
Ep. 49: “A Red Light in a Strange Town”
Ep. 48: “Wherever Trail Needs to Be Built”
Ep. 45: “The Conditions of Love”
Ep. 44: “The Story of Lola”
Ep. 43: “Waiting for Our Duck”
Ep. 38: “With My Mind Bullets”
Ep. 36: “Uncle Licky”
Ep. 35: “You Give ‘Em Israeli Eyes”
Ep. 33: “Starts to Slurry”
Ep. 28: “The Sheriff of Twisp”
Ep. 27: “Bellinghamming”
Ep. 25: “Supertrain”
Ep. 21: “Dead Rubber Girl in My Closet”
Ep. 20: “We Can All Agree on Cheese”
Ep. 15: “Covered in Sauce”
Ep. 14: “Big City Apology”
Ep. 13: “Then There Was Pump Chili”
Ep. 11: “Everybody Knew What Mr. Finnell Did”
Ep. 08: “The Reptilian Behind the Long Pig Mask”
Ep. 05: “Carry on, Maude”
Ep. 03: “The Viet Cong Can Smell the Soap”
Ep. 01: “Keep Moving and Get Out of the Way”
Ep. 00: “Suit of Vomit”

Thank you!

Absolutely love this show. I am so grateful Merlin Mann and John Roderick allow us a glimpse into their friendship, their thoughts and their comedic genius.

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Suffering Woody Allen Sukutash!

Posted on 29 September 2014

"To love is to suffer. Not to love is to suffer. To suffer is to suffer. To be happy is to love. To be happy, then, is to suffer."

Is it just me or is Woody Allen a neurotic, fast-talking, modern day Proust?


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Change is hard — really hard — Medium

Posted on 28 September 2014

Marcus, whom I met years ago at an SF Beta event in San Francisco where I was an active party to ultimately four levels of “copyright infringement” - a story for another time - frankly shares his experiences.

Good on him and good on Micah for pushing him to write it. Startups are tough and we need more honesty instead of the harsh, combative old-male-“warrior” style (“We’re so crushing it omg! Killing it, bro!” Bleck) we’ve had.

Positivity is one thing and necessary. Putting on a strong face is necessary. But as a community we should create a place and an ethos where it’s ok to say “Actually I’m having a bit of a tough time and would like your thoughts.”

Once we real-eyes (to borrow a phrase from Jeff Brown) and embrace the truths things get better exponentially. As Marcus clearly shows.

And Marcus? I’d disagree with you and say you are rich. You have health, your family and inner strength and honesty. And you’ve worked through it with your partner. That’s richness. That’s the successful “exit.” That’s actually success. :D


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Stonehenge Was Merely the Focal Point of a Bigger Monument Site — NOVA Next | PBS

Posted on 28 September 2014

Wow. Love science and technology when we use it to further understand the past and where we, as individual cultures, may head.


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Posted on 25 September 2014

“One of the best things you’ll do for your work life is to relieve yourself of that pressure to find the perfect job. Squash those expectations and the high standards you are holding it to. The minute you do it, you suddenly realise that what you have right now is pretty good after all. Take comparison out of the picture and see it for what it is, it’s a refreshing perspective.”

How to Keep Going When You’re Demotivated at Work
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Two Factor Frustration

Posted on 18 September 2014

Its that time of year again. The summer is waning in the Northern Hemisphere (or Spring can’t get here soon enough in the Southern Hemisphere). Pumpkin everything is, well, everywhere and its update-to-the-latest-iOS time.

We know the routine. A watched device never updates, so we plug in, start the update then forget about it until later. Way later. So I usually start mine before I go to bed, thinking I will wake up to a fresh iOS install and device returned to its pre-update state.

That is normally my experience. Until (dramatic music) today.

Cast your mind back in time to those bygone days of April, 2014. Spring, etc., some news event, and Heartbleed were on everyone’s mind. Every website was scrambling to tell its users to change their passwords. In the wake of all of this, Apple released their two-factor verification. I was game, as I have many devices and applications in the Apple ecosystem. Seemed simple enough.

Fast forward to now and the iOS8 update. I downloaded, let it run over night and woke up with a ready-to-go, iOS8 iPhone5. Except two-factor verification was enabled. And to complete setup of my iPhone I needed to receive a text/SMS message. I could not receive a text/SMS message because my phone was setup. Except I needed to setup my phone to receive… you get the idea.

Luckily there is a recovery key, however that is supposed to only be for emergencies. I don’t consider an iOS update an emergency. However, I can see the security premise for having it during setup. Luckily I was in front of my computer and at a place where my recovery code is secured and accessible. Had I een at an office, on vacation or anywhere else, I would have been “stuffed,” as they say.


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Someone Wise Once Said...

Posted on 18 September 2014

Our challenge is to learn to accept all of ourselves,
not just the parts that we like.

Holding all aspects of ourselves gently and with compassion
is what heals the divided self…

“ ‐ Paul Ferrini


Only people with the wrong combination of genes get ‘kissing disease’ and I’m one of them

Posted on 17 September 2014


Molecular biology, University of Cambridge

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Posted 08 September 2014


Wapusky National Park, Manitoba, Canada

Picture: Greg Harvey/Rex (via Animal photos of the week - Telegraph)


Wapusky National Park, Manitoba, Canada

Picture: Greg Harvey/Rex (via Animal photos of the week - Telegraph)

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